The Nature of Sleep & Dreams

The cosmic energy behind sleep and dreams reveal hidden secrets, when visiting every night, during sleep, the “Oasis of Comfort — our soul territory.” Sleep is our natural “energy fountain” for our soul to be recharged. That is the actual purpose, and why we must sleep, to keep our body, mind, and spirit, in a balanced function harmony, required for our health and overall wellbeing. Our nocturnal visions, intuitively perceived only, can be called “a dream,” is like a concrete blueprint that accurately foretells “what lies ahead” as interpreted by Nostradamus.

This ancient knowledge, based on cosmic law dating back 4,000 years by the Egyptians and Syrians, is kept in the British Museum in London. The Greek and Romans also adapted this knowledge. Five hundred years ago, Nostradamus, astronomer, medical doctor, and seer of the future, acknowledged the influence of the universe’s cosmic radiation on our human body, touching us deep within. His dream interpretations are a glimpse into our tomorrow, foreshadowing our personal future, including the new millennium. As truthful as Nostradamus’ predictions were, “…History holds the confirmation.”

What Are Dreams?

Fantasies or predictive messages?

Dreams accompany us throughout the journey of life. They are part of a communication by intuitive perception, which immediately impresses a picture on the small brain (cerebellum), assigned as a bridge in forwarding information by intuition from the subconscious to the conscious mind. This communication from our subconscious faculty is expressed and corresponds only in
Nature’s Universal Language of Images“ that we are able to visualize during sleep and can be called a “true dream.

We still have a choice. We can take the advice given through our dream seriously and act accordingly, or ignore it completely, which, however, does not spare us the consequences we must deal with one day, according to Creation’s manifested lawfulness, “cause and effect” or “what you sow — you will reap.”

In this regard, I would like to share with you a recent incident that happened in my own family:

Around noon on a Sunday at the end of November I returned home from a brief outing to find my husband leaning over the kitchen table with his head down, as if accepting some kind of defeat. I had never seen him in such a condition.

“What is wrong with you?” I asked.
“I don’t feel well,” he said.  I saw that his face was pale, indicating there was something wrong.
“You look awful!”
“I am in severe pain,” he replied.

Then he gasped for air.  “Where does it hurt?” He pointed to his stomach. Oh well, I thought, he must have eaten something that disagreed with him and got food poisoning, or  perhaps he was simply constipated.  After he replied negatively to all of my common sense questions, I suggested that he let me take  him to the hospital. “No,” he said, “I’ll wait for a while, it should get better,” confirming in my mind his stubbornness, always thinking he knows best.

“Come on, let’s go,” I urged him, “I can drive you to the emergency room, they are open on Sunday.”
“No” he insisted, “I am just going to lie down for a while.”  So be it then, I thought, and went upstairs to make his bed.

As I ascended the stairs I suddenly remembered those images seen in my sleep three days before in which an old house was burning. The interpretation in the “Dream Book”: “unexpected death, losing your lover.” I had forced myself not to think about it then; who wants to dwell on such things when everyone around you is in good health? Immediately I sensed a connection with my husband’s condition, turned on my heels and rushed back downstairs.

“Quick, we are going to the hospital. Now!”
“No,” he complained, “I don’t want to go.”

Well, it was time to take charge. I screamed at him “Hurry up! Quick! It could be your heart!” That’s what I guessed it was.
Finally I got him into the car and we sped off.

“Slow down,” he said, “I am getting dizzy …”

Oh no, I thought, if I don’t make it in time … He moved his fingers.

“Are they getting numb?” I asked.  “Yes.”

Then I knew it was indeed a serious situation, related to his heart. I stepped on the gas pedal. God help me, I thought, I must reach the hospital, what if he collapses on me now?
We arrived at the emergency ward. There wasn’t a wheelchair in sight, he could hardly remain on his feet, and there was no one at the reception desk. I remember hitting a little bell on the counter and saw a nurse approaching us saying to fill in the forms.

“Fill in the forms?”

I repeated incredulously.

“Get moving, woman! This man is having a heart attack! Move, move.” I screamed!

She ran off and returned with a wheelchair, and wheeled him to the area behind the curtains.
Ten minutes later they called me in. I was in a chair not far from his bedside. The actions of three doctors and two nurses around him and the sight of him connected to the monitoring equipment gave me the impression of a situation of extreme urgency.
And how right it turned out to be. One of the doctors approached me and looked at me in silence for a while, perhaps in disbelief that I had not called an ambulance, I thought for a moment!

“Is it over?” I asked. “Is he through his crisis?”
“Oh no,” he replied. “It just hit. It’s a severe heart attack. We must thank you so much for bringing him in at the right time. Minutes later it would have been too late. He wouldn’t have made it.

It’s not me you have to thank, I thought to myself, my emotions catching up with me as I silently sent my deepest gratitude up to the Heavenly Father. I was fully aware that by my decision to act quickly I had invoked destiny, and that the action had been prompted by the warning received in my dream days before. In such communication between the invisible eternal world and this world of matter,  we can recognize the Love of God for us humans, reading His language in Nature’s nightly communication, coming from a different world to guide us in the right direction. This all-embracing love, which warns before facing the unexpected, or when we are being foretold of good fortune, is a  tremendous support in our life.

Let Your Dreams Be Your Guide