The Power of Planets and Stars’—and how they move us Humans during sleep

What Is The Foundation Leading to a Happy, Healthy & Successful Life

Dreams Foretell What Lies Ahead

Introduction to
The ‘Dream-Book’

The secrets of Sleep are revealed!

Our nocturnal Visions ‘intuitively perceived’ are being presented in a picture-image by Natures communicating language we call “Dream”, during our time of Sleep.

The small brain (cerebellum) is assigned as a ‘bridge’ in communication by the Spirit, what is the Soul during sleep. the frontal brain is only in charge for our concious daytime activity and allows also to take its deserved rest at night-time. Like the entire nature and all its inhabitants, man included, are under this Creator-Gods governing fundamental Laws operating.

Since we have now the ‘knowledge’ what the Spirit is, known as Soul, and where we can find it in us humans, we therefore must first separate the SELF from the BRAIN, the actual CORE of MAN and his TOOL, in order to understand what takes place with our Soul during sleep, entering the ‘Dream-World’.

Only after we have reached ‘deep-sleep’, we are able to enter ‘Souls’ region of origin, where we can receive valuable information for our daily life, in the language of Image-Symbols, what is Nature’s universal language based on natural science in communication between the invisible planes and our planet earth, according to a “conscious energy radiation”, recently also acknowledged by science.

Nostradamus, the Astronomer/Astrologer, Medical Doctor and Seer of the Future acknowledged the power and influence of the Stars and how they move us humans, touching us deep within.

These nightly seen Symbols, alphabetically from A-Z, Nostradamus interprets in his only Dream-Book, are concrete blue-prints, accurately foretell  “what lies ahead,” concerning our personal life, is like, An open window letting us peek into our tomorrow”.

Nostradamus’ Dream-Book differs from all other Dream books available and is as truthful as his predictions were, offering unique knowledge that cannot be found elsewhere.

History holds the confirmation.

As soon as you interpret your Dream as Nostradamus did, you will never face your future ………unaware…………..uninformed………….or afraid!

Let your Dreams be your Guide!!!

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