About the Author

Through mysterious circumstances, Dita Wegman came into the possession of the last remaining “Dream Book” by the great Astronomer and Seer of the future ‘Nostradamus’, not seen in print since 1928 and declared lost in the European Archives.

Over decades she had the opportunity to test the accuracy of images seen in our sleep, intuitively perceived called ‘DREAM’. They are like concrete blueprints, foretelling what lies ahead, and as truthful as Nostradamus’ predictions were. History holds the confirmation.

Dita Wegman feels privileged to have preserved from extinction the ‘True-Knowledge of Dreams’ by Nostradamus, passing it on for generations to come. They are available in several languages.

Read on my friends……..and “Live  your Dream”!

1503 Tombstone of Nostradamus 1566

I was privileged to be among the visitors from around the world who in 2003 commemorated the 500th anniversary of Nostradamus, in Salon- Provence / France.

I visited his tomb in the Collegiale Saint-Laurent paying my respect. It was an unforgettable moving moment, bringing home his lost Dream Book, revived and preserved from extinction, as my gift in his honor, ——-ever so grateful.

On the 2nd day in July 2003

Dita Arzt-Wegman was born in Bohemia/Austria. In her youth a successful model and actress in Europe and parallel she also started her career in business. Over 25 years she held the position as Vice President of an International Cosmetic Company in Toronto/Canada. Recently retired from the corporate world, she dedicated her time to her long-standing literary interests. To delve into and expose life’s meaning and purpose, in her newest extended book.


……connect with the Universe and nourish your SOUL.…..

“The Soul—our Spirit, is the fundamental carrying Pillar of us human-beings!”


Published by Author-Solutions /Xlibris in 2017

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