Nostradamus’ Today Excerpts….
1503 – 2003

NOSTRADAMUS – 500 Years Later / 1503 – 2003

HE walked the earth 500 years ago and is still known in every corner of the globe. His fame has never finished since his accuracy in predicting world events continues to fascinate us today, as it has for centuries. Should we not ask ourselves, from where he drew such knowledge, foreseeing hundreds of years before events even took, are taking, and will take place?

Could it be that the pattern of events are predetermined by ‘Divine Power,’ recognizable as a ‘consequence’ of our own volition, according to the fundamental Law known as ’cause and effect,’ or ‘what you sow you will reap?’ Our ‘conceived dreams’ are one source from which the revelatory information about our private life and our future can be obtained. Nostradamus’ Dream Interpretations are of this kind, and are as truthful as his predictions were. History hold the confirmation.

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Five centuries ago, Nostradamus, the worlds’ most famous prognosticator, astronomer, astrologer and physician recognized, that cosmic forces pervading planets and stars not only determine events here on earth, but also touch and influence our human organism.

Now Science has caught up with history’s wise man.

Recent scientific research has determined that a ‘conscious energy’ radiation indeed generates movement, holding the universe and planet earth in active balance.

Each cosmic body radiates in its own characteristic way. Our established Zodiac –Signs validate the influence of the 12 different planetary characteristics. Being born under one of these signs we show the particular characteristics in our character.

Nostradamus knew as a physician about the receptiveness and how our human organism, (since we do not live from flesh and blood alone), is subject to the influence of cosmic radiation touching our innermost core, our Soul/Spirit, during our phase of Sleep.

Science talks about sleep studies, sleep readings, sleep clinics and REM-SLEEP (… rotating eye movements) the state where dreams occur.

Since everything that exists has two sides to be considered, to get to the  fundamental “core” of a subject or matter, may I be your Guide to lead you to understand the concept of  why we need sleep and dreams from the spiritual aspect ? It will guide you to the invisible but very effective power sleep provides.

That will change your life—– allowing you to achieve all you want….and more…!

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Natural Science —- Spiritual Purpose.

Sleep is one of the most natural and essential parts of our existence. It is a vital source not only for us human beings, but the entire nature participates in this shift change of day and night activity.

While we think of sleep as neither as a moment of the body at rest and inactivity, it is quite a lively and busy period of a human beings life in the subconscious experienced.

Almost a third of our life we spend in “sleep”. What really happens during that time, so vital for our mental and physical health combined?
The sleep-cycle keeps us in balance, so necessary for our overall well being.

This is being used as an advertising slogan for selling sleeping pills, which comes unfortunately with endless unwanted side effects. Millions of people in our present time can’t find a ‘good nights sleep’ anymore.

Why have we lost the connection to that natural oasis of strength, the fountain of energy sleep provides?

What is the actual purpose of sleep?

For that we have to look deeper into our interior faculty, our Soul/ Spirit the vital core of man in order to regain a better physical, mental and spiritual happiness.

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